Valeriy Vakulenko
Top10Forex demo contest
1st place


        Nickname in demo contests: kukul3

        A 15-time prize-winner with a total of prize funds of  $695


  • How long have you been cooperating with LiteForex?
    • Since 2006, approximately 
  • What attracted you in LiteForex's Demo Contests?
    • Easy registration, fair payment of prize money, real withdrawable prizes.
  • Which of LiteForex’s Demo contests (Top10Forex, IndexMaster or Fighting) did you like more? Why?
    • I like Top10Forex the most because a weekly trading interval is more similar to real trading conditions.
  • What do you think of your rivals?
    • These are worthy competitors! The fight was quite interesting.
  • What can you wish to your rivals?
    • I wish them regular victories!
  • How often do you win LiteForex’s contests?
    • I can’t tell exactly, once in 2 months, on average.
  • What do you invest in or how do you spend your prize funds?
    • I withdraw them immediately, as I haven’t been enough skillful in profitable trading so far.
  • Do you plan to participate in LiteForex’s contests in the future?
    • I do, for sure
  • What would you like to wish to the LiteForex Company?
    • As many good clients as possible!
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